System Features

Website Configuration and CMS

Complete website customization and embedded CMS give the system an identity that is unique to you.

Shopping Cart

Our site can be integrated with a commercial merchant processor, such as Elevon or the Federal Governments system.

Check-In/Check-Out to Asset Locations

Ideal for companies or organizations that have to control access to land regions or specific locations across a large land area.

Create Activities and Projects

Create a specific activity or project that is tied to an area or site so that there are detailed records on the reason for access.

Web Mapping

Our GIS Professionals can create an interactive map, bringing together your assets and activities using tools in ArcGIS Online and ArcMap.

Survey/Inspection Forms

Have your end users watch a video, such as a safety brief and answer a questionnaire to qualify for access. You can also have a survey at the end of an activity to keep your records current.

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