Mobile Applications

We've assembled a team of developers with advanced technological skills and experience building custom business-minded applications across a variety of mobile platforms. Special attention is paid to the User Interface/Experience and required enterprise integration.

Web Applications

Our development teams offer experience in a broad range of environments and platforms that can convert complex problems into high performance applications and websites that deliver the desired solution. We employ the industry's best practices and techniques, enabling rapid development and deployment.


As an early provider of SaaS to the Federal Government, we quickly built on our cybersecurity expertise to become knowledgeable on FISMA and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). As a result, we were prepared when our DoD clients required our services to meet these new standards. Through this process, we have worked closely with some of the most recognized experts in this field and are well prepared to assist similar XaaS providers move in this direction.

Geospatial Information

We've been building geospatial solutions and using GIS for data analysis since the creation of the technology. We have developed solutions for the Air Force to model sea level rise impact on runway flooding, for the USGS to model the migration of threatened species as a result of climate change and for the Army to monitor the condition of stormwater control structures. Our proprietary SaaS is currently being used to manage more than 9.3 million acres of land across the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii.

Enterprise Systems

ASciS developed a custom Enterprise System around Department of Defense requirements and has been providing this solution since 2013. We integrate Security, Facilities and Range Management into a single solution to coordinate access and record field data into a single solution that is hosted in a secure FedRAMP environment.

Facilities Support

Our expertise in Facilities Support includes providing both personnel and digital solutions. ASciS has provided more than 150 people in full-time support positions across 25 different States to support a broad range of functions from Oracle Server Administration to Forestry Management. We have proven to be successful at these broad ranging services by applying the common business functions that are intrinsic to each project.