Environmental Efficiency

Track hazards such as UXOs, concertina wire or incidents occurring in the field, allowing range control to view points of interest.

Gather Data

Submit a form, answering simple questions about findings, dropping points at a location using a search or a latitude/longitude coordinate key that updates in real-time as users interact.

Disseminate Information

Store data in a safekeep that is easily accessible and exportable through an excel spreadsheet or through the GIS platform, customizable to fit preference of time intervals for chronic reports.

Species Sightings

Track animal movements, pinpoint endangered or invasive species locations, or ping locations of bird sightings.

Identify Structures

Useful for identifying neglected structures offered by an installation such as rotten infrastructure, broken hunting stands, fallen trees over trails and flooded roads as potential points of interest.

Mark Points of Interest

Provides sufficient application for users to mark points of interest that they believe other outdoor enthusiasts might enjoy.

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