May 24, 2022



XScientia deployed by Tribal owned business to spearhead Tribal Electrification Census


For immediate release: May 24, 2022

XScientia deployed by Tribal owned business to spearhead Tribal Electrification Census

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. Applied Sciences Information System’s (ASciS) newest solution, XScientia, was rolled out as a mobile platform this April for Arizona Public Service (APS) to collect data on Tribal property electrification. ASciS partnered with Tribal owned business, Dooley Construction Solutions LLC (DCS), to win a contract conducting a census of non-electrified homes and business in the APS service area for the Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation. Central to the winning proposal was ASciS’ ability to leverage their existing data collection software for the nuances in this project without costly GPS equipment.

To conduct the census, ASciS developed the XScientia mobile application with data collection through simple pull-down menus and a singular “Locate Me” button to identify any occupied structure that lacked a connection with the APS electric grid. Another challenge that had to be overcome was that much of the census area lacked cellular connectivity. So, the application was designed to work offline and to synchronize the data when a connection was reestablished. The enhanced functionality has enabled DCS and their team of enumerators to rapidly collect census data and upload them to the XScientia administration website as soon as an internet connection is available.

The added benefit of the XScientia mobile design is the APS project staff have near real-time eyes on the progress of the census team through an interactive map view of the census data points that were collected by a field team more than 200 miles away.

The census is anticipated to continue through the summer of 2022 when APS and the Tribal Governments will submit the information to the Arizona Corporation Commission as part of APS’s commitment to help coal producing communities transition to carbon-free electricity generation.  In conjunction with this effort, many of the Tribal Chapters and Village Units are working through a census project of their own for which ASciS is actively modifying the existing XScientia mobile application.

ASciS has been a long-standing partner of Tribal entities and strives to support Tribal Governments with their challenges through partnerships with Tribal businesses.

About XScientia: XScientia is a location-based knowledge solution ideal for organizations that need to collect data across large land areas.

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