May 12, 2022



Hunters and Anglers Safer With iSportsman


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Hunters and Anglers Safer With iSportsman

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – In 2021, Cornell University conducted research on the customer satisfaction of iSportsman users at the U.S. Military Academy West Point. Cornell’s findings indicate that iSportsman users believe the additional safety measures provided by the iSportsman system improve their hunting and angling experience by providing a greater sense of security and situational awareness that they don’t find elsewhere.

2021 was a big year for ASciS, the company that produces iSportsman. iSportsman partnered with Europe’s top premier land management service, Hunting Area Management Systems (HAMS), to develop a new system, iSportsman ARX, which focuses on improving the hunting and angling experience on private lands.

The combined strength of iSportsman and HAMS resulted in the ARX product. Moving forward, both iSportsman and HAMS intend to continue to provide the same safety value delivered through their flagship products; value that one iSportsman user identified in the Cornell report as the reason why their family didn’t have to worry when they were out in the field. Users have expressed that iSportsman makes solo hunting in a noncrowded environment more easily accessible, while simultaneously ensuring that an individual could easily be found if an accident should occur.

Features of ARX that are currently available to hunt clubs and land managers include geographically layered maps to view, map, and track hunters, stands and areas. This allows for real-time land occupancy view for all parties, as well as the ability to prioritize land management tasks and focus.

“Most importantly, the use of iSportsman ARX brings value to the outdoor experience,” says David Mapstone, iSportsman VP. “We’re merely offering a tool, but the use of this tool helps land managers feel more confident in the safety of their operations and makes users feel more secure in their surroundings.”

iSportsman ARX promises to change the way hunt clubs, outfitters and private landowners manage hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities on their properties.

iSportsman is offering the first month of iSportsman ARX for free to landowners, outfitters and hunt clubs. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, contact iSportsman at: 757-550-2550 or, for more information or to simply sign up, visit

About iSportsman: iSportsmanTM is the leading recreational program management tool by ASciS Solutions in the nation. serving as the enterprise-level provider for the U.S. Army’s and U.S. Air Force’s hunting, fishing and firewood permit sales programs, as well as providing services to the U.S. Marine Corp, Army National Guard, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. ASciS has been delivering SaaS and customized solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for more than 12 years and currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting and more for more than 10.6 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways across the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit for more information.

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