October 4, 2021



Camp Atterbury in Indiana Launches iSportsman in Time for Deer Season



For Immediate Release: Oct. 4, 2021                                                    

Camp Atterbury in Indiana Launches iSportsman in Time for Deer Season

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.- Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck, Indiana, has been serving the Indiana National Guard since World War II and throughout various missions such as conflicts in Vietnam, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck employs the motto Preparamus, which means “We are ready.” In line with the base motto, the natural resources office at Camp Atterbury is ready for the fall hunt seasons with the successful launch of the  iSportsman outdoor recreational management service.

Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck launched their iSportsman program and initiatives Sep. 1, 2021, utilizing iSportsman’s innovative service as a software (SaaS) for activities such as hunting, hiking, mushroom foraging, fishing, nut collection and berry picking. With migratory and game bird seasons starting earlier this month and deer and fall turkey beginning shortly after, hunters will be using the Camp Atterbury iSportsman to purchase permits, check-in and checkout of activities and record harvests after hunting.

“Finding the information and securing a permit can sometimes be the most confusing part of the hunt process,” says iSportsman COO Doug Howlett. “The implementation of iSportsman at Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck will streamline the process for both hunters and staff managing the hunts for a better all-around experience going forward.”

Built on historical farmland, Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck’s gently rolling hills and lush valleys provide an idyllic outdoor setting for any avid outdoor enthusiasts. Camp Atterbury-Muscatatuck provides outdoor opportunities for the National Guard and retired military personnel, as well as youths, wounded heroes, and, on a limited basis, the general public.

About iSportsman: iSportsmanTM is the leading recreational program management tool by ASciS Solutions in the nation. serving as the enterprise-level provider for the U.S. Army’s and U.S. Air Force’s hunting, fishing and firewood permit sales programs, as well as providing services to the U.S. Marine Corp, Army National Guard, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism. ASciS has been delivering SaaS and customized solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for more than 12 years and currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting and more for more than 10.6 million acres of forest, fields, trails and waterways across the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit isportsman.com for more information.

Media Contact: Victoria Tillinghast | Vtillinghast@ascissolutions.com